Bussmann™ series RoHS compliance product search
RoHS compliance product search
  • The Eaton RoHS compliance product search tool allows you to inquire about the RoHS compliance status of Bussmann series or Eaton electronics product catalog numbers.

  • A downloadable compliance certificate is available for each search returning a compliant result.

  • A RoHS compliance search can be made by a single catalog number, or multiple catalog numbers using an Excel template.

  • Select the search method you want and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you need technical assistance, use the following e-mail links:

(circuit protection)
(super capacitors)

Technical Disclaimer :

Search results are limited to those catalog numbers entered into RoHS data base covering Bussmann series fuses, and Eaton electronics magnetics (inductors and transformers) and supercapacitor products. Certificates for RoHS compliance are valid as of the date they are issued for the catalog number(s) they contain, Certificates do not apply to lead free or halogen free status. For lead free and halogen free status, please review the product data sheet for the catalog number in question.